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Renovation & Design
The most important part of any renovation, bathroom or home addition, is the design process. You cannot undertake a construction project without coming up with construction plans. single handily this is the biggest mistake that home owners make in Vancouver. Frequently we have homeowners contact us because they have been “burned” by a contractor, basically someone who was very difficult to with and also did not  the job.
Without design plans, a contractor and     can   misinterpret   the inclusive of a renovation. When  the   expects a lot  more than what the contractor  budgeted, this  can  lead to  a frustrated walking away from a project and the client unsatisfied.
The design process allows you to construct a detailed plan so that  there is no  misinterpretation to the game plan. With detailed construction plans, the plan of action is very clear at the outset.
Standing shower,Bayshore DR., Downtown Vancouver